Large Concrete Orb Planter with Brass or Copper Insert

Large Concrete Orb Planter with Brass or Copper Insert


These beautiful solid cast concrete planters with copper or brass insert make a gorgeous addition to warm any home or office space with a little greenery.  They are chic, elegant, and minimalist with an emphasis on refined yet raw materials.

They hold any 8" potted plant and the copper or brass bowl has a 1/2" drainage hole at the bottom to allow excess water to drain into the concrete base which helps to retain moisture at the base of the plants roots allowing for less frequent watering and prevents against root rot.  

ORB's form was taken from classic geometry and purist mathematics to create a simple, clean, timeless design through the use of one perfect hemisphere intersecting with a cube. These planters are great timeless pieces that can be used both indoor and outdoor.  Although they may weather outdoors, they are built to last the tests of time.

All handmade in small batches out of our studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

8" L x 8" W x 4" H

Copper/Brass planter dimensions:

8" Diameter x 4" H

Each vessel is solid cast concrete and is sealed with a non-toxic food safe sealer. Each piece is hand stamped and complete with cork pads on bottom.  Solid copper or brass planter hand spun in Brooklyn NY. 

Each piece is slightly different in color and texture as these are natural materials.  We encourage you to enjoy the beauty of your own unique piece.

Concrete Color:
Planter Metal:
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