Large Terrazzo Orb Bowl

Large Terrazzo Orb Bowl

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A special one-off terrazzo Orb bowl.  Great as a table centerpiece or a sculpture on it's own.

White concrete, onyx, and jade chips. Perfectly smooth and finished with a food safe seal and small rubber feet.  

ORB's form was taken from classic geometry and purist mathematics to create a simple, clean, timeless design through the use of one perfect hemisphere intersecting with a cube. These bowls are great timeless pieces that can be used both indoor and outdoor and because they are solid concrete they are built to last the tests of time.


6.75" L  x 6.75" W x 4.5" H


Each orb is solid cast concrete and embedded with Onyx, and Jade. Every piece is sealed with a non-toxic food safe sealer. 


Each piece is slightly different in color and texture as concrete is a natural material. Actual boxes vary slightly from piece to piece, no two will ever be the same.

Orders typically ship within 6 business days. 

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